Day 5 – 8/28/12

This is why we can’t have nice things. One of my childhood friends and I were escorted out of the dressing room very impromptu because we decided we weren’t going to purchase any clothing, but we wanted to make faces in the mirror. Management didn’t even acknowledge the rarity of my Bulls red 1980s’ Air Jordan sweatshirt my grandfather blessed me with.

Day 4 – 8/27/12

Since 2012 hit, I’ve become a big fan of the John Lennon/Woody Harrelson circular sunglasses. I’m already on my third pair and have no regrets about each purchase. This is on my trip to Riverside to watch my cousin graduate and pretend to be a freelance photographer in the most patriotic way.

Day 3 —8/26/12

ImageSomething new! Right orientation. My best friend took this so I’m gonna talk about my best friend in this post. She is biracial and super cool. She was a high school superstar and I was her geeky yearbook friend who trolled around the school. She’s now an aspiring cinematographer and you should check out her website —-> FWESHLYDIPPED. She actually copied that name from me (a nickname I got from a friend back home) but since I failed to trademark it, she has decided to super hype it out. Not that mad I guess. 

Anyway after this photo, she took me out to Cuban food and it was AWESOME. 

Day 1 — Friday 8/24/12

ImageThis is my first blog in 2 years. I used to blog but I got all butthurt about my personal information being all public even though I was putting it out there. 

I got over it, but the social networks that require simple reblogging, rather than actual input, made me a super lazy blogger. I’ve succumbed to displaying my personality through reblogged posts and liked photos on instagram. 

Anyway I’m excited to flex my blogging skillz.