ive been gettin…

Imageive been getting real tired of the internetz. it started off as some kind of amazing utility oozing of opportunity and now its just a big black hole party. an anus party. its like regurgitating throw up constantly being thrown at you and people really get boners off of it! they just sit with their mouths wide open, waiting to swallow whatever bs some asshole hipster is able to squeeze out. im just tired of it! the people on here of fucking phonies. you can be anyone on here. you can sleep with me if you tweet me the right things. if you look good enough on instagram ill like yo pic and even comment it. bull shit! integrity doesnt exist anymore. whats on here is anyones. whatever you say i can select, copy, and paste and ITS MINE BETCH. dude fuck the internet! and fuck the little minions created on here! all you are is a complete reflection of some fantasy photoshop bs. 

yeah i sound like a bitter cunt venting to her blog. as a matter of fact, i am a bitter cunt! why dont i just close out all of my accounts? because im a hypocritical person and i like trolling peoples social networks, even if it means it will suck and i will continue to lose any morsel of respect for this generation.

i guess the internet is cool because any basic person can portray themselves as amazing with a couple of filters. fuck all of that. i could give two fluttering fucks if you think i look fat in my pics, or my skins not nice enough, WHATEVER. ill sit on your face for all i care. 

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