I had a very ch…

ImageI had a very chill weekend. I’ve been letting my liver chill out and honestly it’s been pretty nice (plus I save mondo amounts of mulla!) 

Anyway I’d like to apologize for that last post…. what i meant to say was that some people are better off as real friends than facebook friends. Everyone’s trying to be somebody on facebook and it’s just not cool. Another really annoying tidbit is that I washed my favorite blankie and stupid san jose water is making it smell all funny 😦 must wash again. 

Anyway I went shooting for a photo project and I’m pretty excited with the potential. I think I have a very nasty problem with comparing my work with others. In some ways its cool just cuz it sets the bar and in other ways it sucks because I end up hating anything I come up with. But in the end what’s done is done and I’m just happy its over lol. 

But yeah I’m starting to feel that tingly feeling with photography again. I think I’m finally ready to take my concept and skills to the next level and stop being such a lazy bastard on the laptop lol. I need to stop using filters on Lightroom too….. but who knows when that will end.

I was feeling all congested last week. Nauseated with life, upset about friends, upset about whatever happened in the past. And then I realized how much of a memory hoarder I am. My minds so plugged up with thoughts and anguish. I think I just need to let it all go! Let life do its thing. My minds so weak, easily pushed. I think I was just really really stressed and sleep deprived haha. It was like I just stopped and everything following me just toppled all over me. It’s just a matter of appreciating what’s there in front of me. I think time will let everything fall into place but sometimes I can’t help but try and take control. But it feels a bit better being able to let go little by little. 

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