being as in love with you as i am…

Imagei think im bipolar. my feelings can be so strong but im old enough to know that it’s bound to flip within a few days. ill be feeling so sure some days and other days ill be wishing it was better. my attitude cant commit! i hate how indecisive i am, i wish i could just commit to a point of view but i cant help but think about alternatives. i know this is my life now and that i need to embrace it but theres a large part of my heart that refuses to change..thinking about all the things that have happened can really break you down. like a kid that never fully reached their goals. i made a promise to myself a long time ago and a little part of me is still upset that i never fully went through with it. i know i messed up and that i just need to keep going with it, that time will never go back and everything is the way that it should be…i guess. ill be thinking some things have changed so much it could never go back. then ill be thinking maybe it would work better since i have grown and i know how it is now.. i had to learn the hard way i guess. i think i have a better grip on my¬†curiosity. i know a little better now. nothings been better than what i had, and i can comfortably say that. or nobody has ever made me feel like that..

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