no one believes…

Imageno one believes me when i say that i LOVED reading at recess. i wanted to live in the library lol in elementary school. i mostly enjoyed the covers of books, they were so animated and meant so much to represent an entire book with one image. 

anyway i saw this from a really cool blog post on buzzfeed and it took me back instantaneously. i especially loved those ominous weird twilight zone books. i geeked out on their covers lol. as i got older i started reading more young adult books about love and being popular. when i was about 13 meg cabot’s Princess Diaries was a huuuge deal to me, aside from Harry Potter. The books way different from the movie. And by the 2nd movie i was basically over meg cabots jibbuh jabbah. Image

omg another big deal to me was GEL PENS!! gahhh i loved decorating everything/ANYTHING with gel pens! i had a whole bag dedicated to my gel pens while all the girls started walking around with their make up bags lol. but yeah i was known as the weird “gel pen girl” and some students would try to bribe me to do their art hw hahahh i was such a dork and totally not affected by any of this lol just did what the movies taught and just acted myself! it always seemed second nature to me for someone to “act themselves”. 

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