the future is the unknown! the future is intriguing, scary, but always inevitable. the past years i’ve found myself hoping to one day control the speed of time! trying to make it slow down in some parts, then pick up when im done. im in the surest indecisive spot right now. everything can either fall together or fall apart depending on where my attitudes at. its a feeling of anxiety, i can’t tell if it’s good or bad. either way i’m interested in seeing this new part of my life open up.

i consider it new because i noticed im much less crazy and erratic than i used to be. im guessing this means that im growing up or something. i dont know if im a better person but im definitely way less reckless than i used to be. i also think i just may have a grasp of my anger. my  maybe thats why im always so tired :[

my sleeping pattern is all the way fucked up. i have no idea how im going about my days this semester. its a very different semester than my past years here at school. i remember being homesick..i had it so bad freshman year. i felt like deena from jersey shore lol. i wasnt used to being away and i cried a lot lol. now i guess my home is in san jose…thats kinda depressing lol. my parents are letting my cousin move into my room so i guess i get to stay in the guest room :p. i dont really have a longing for home anymore..i just miss people.

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