Imagea while back i really had to learn that not everything is certain and that your life could drastically change with no absolute regard to your feelings. 

im such a suckaaaaaaa. but i like doing this to myself. i get electric feeling all over and it gives me something to think about besides the next errand that i have to run. this is some kind of process that im getting sort of used to, which im not sure is a good thing but no harm is done (except my ego, boo). 

im so bored with life. this chapter needs to end soon. i need to source this electric feel so that i feel it consistently  and not every few months. i would also like it so that there aren’t any nasty withdrawals lol. at least now i know forsure that i AM leaving san jose by the end of this school year. ITS GOING TO HAPPEN! how? ……. super secret. 

setting goals is healthy! i like having something to look forward to. 

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