Imagewe were sooo young!! ive been thinking about how old ive gotten.. how many changes ive been through life so far. after senior year of high school my life just sped up super fast and after junior year it sort of came to a very slow halt. i cant believe how many years it has been! how many people i’ve met.. where i was and where i am now… i cant believe how different of a person i used to be!!! my humor, taste, style has changed substantially. i used to be really boring and straight edge. now im kinda growing up! but yeah its crazy how many things have changed i feel like im in denial at how everyone is changing. if i could i would refuse it all but then that just seems pitiful and sad. but yeah its like, its not just me but my friends too… i see so much change in my friends and im happy that there are some people who can still reach to the person i used to be.. god i was so embarrassing! haha i was a bozo in high school who couldnt dance. i was dating that guy who every body figured was gay. man i really loved that guy. but it was immature super underdeveloped love… i really like the person i am now, i just need to find the right people to be around! man im so ready for a new beginning, life needs to pick up fast!

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