i have so many emotions going on with me right now…. the biggest one of all is excitement to be honest. im so excited to move on. im excited to grow, go beyond what i know. im okay with being uncomfortable, i have the right friends and family to fall back on. and most of all is i know im strong enough…because i know myself. i cant believe  how much i hated myself last year, how much resentment i felt. everything is so much better now. struggle hurts, but the best feeling is relief of when its over. i trust my struggle so much. i would not know shit had i not gone through everything i’ve gone through. there’s so many people i know who are so scared of hitting rock bottom. the best feeling is when you rise. im not completely submerged into euphoria, i feel pretty down to be honest. but… i just feel a little closer to the end of an old chapter and the beginning of a new adventure! i love learning new things about myself 😀

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