Imagei have a new photo project coming up. we have to make a 2 minute video that reveals a personal secret. it could be funny or serious, im still deciding what angle to go for. i think it’d be fun (and easy) to do something abstract. i suppose i have a lot of secrets, i just dont want to make it too easy to understand, or obvious i mean.

here is an example that had the right amount of obscurity:

were learning about bungalows in class. i like bungalows. the architecture is nice. conveniently, they’re all over naglee park, which is where i stay. my best friend and her husband actually live in one. one day i figured i’d go for a drive and look at them. bungalows.

there’s quite a variety around town. my best friend just moved into hers. they’re everywhere in this part of town. every neighborhood has at least a few. ive been driving for a while and there’s another bungalow. im obsessed with my best friend. i cant stop thinking of her…and how she’ll never love me the way i love her.. even if i didnt have a boyfriend..even if she wasn’t married and living her own life in her comfy bungalow. i wish i wasn’t so obsessed with her. its been the longest four years of my life.

it’s hard to portray that presentation with only words. the music and the exponential rhythm of the still photos the student used really added to the anxious feeling. but i liked how she started off with something random, like bungalows and made the connection that anything can remind you of the person you love, or something that’s bothering you. anyway, i’d like to start with something obscure but just enough meaning so that i dont look like a cunt. i suppose i could explore some major skeletons in my closet. should be fun.

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