ImageI forgot my laptop charger in my cousins car >.< !! I’m thankful it’s Thanksgiving week so I’ll be home by tomorrow anyway :} 

So yeah I’m just using my old laptop and I forgot how great this laptop is lol it’s been through sooo much! I don’t think I’ll ever give my bebe away :3. Anyway found some old photos and was like aye!

I love the mellowness of these last couple days. I feel like I’m sorta sitting on some little boat drifting to the end of the year. Though once the year ends I have a whole list of things to do! 

I guess I’ll make it nowsies:


lol ya thats it. I’ve been lazy with my actual design portfolio because work and school consume all of my creative energy!! But I would really like to get back into what I started. I’ve been on a super long creative vacay haha. I’m so excited to graduate though. Ohh the possibilities! The free time! DAS MUNNIES!

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