Liquid Summer

If anyone would like to know what this blog is about, here is a very basic summary.

So yeah, this is a short video I put together for a photo project. It was accumulated from the past 3 years on my canon t2i. I can honestly say that the most recent video featured in this bit was from 2011 summer, the oldest being from summer 2008. The theme is based off nostalgia and how it affects present day living. It’s a critical take on nostalgia; sometimes it consumes you to the point where enjoying the present is almost impossible. Memories of my past are my own sort of escape from reality, even if I’m in actual paradise. It’s a personal project so it will mean a little more to me than a random viewer and I also can’t tell if it’s any good :p. i dont expect anyone to like this anyway.

it was interesting finding old videos, almost like a treasure chest of memories that my lazy ass stored away. i like making videos! ive always liked the premise of recording things, no matter how lame they are. i cant tell if i have potential in this, but i could see this as a hobby.

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