Photo on 12-27-12 at 2.08 PMive been sick for 2 weeks. my ma says im too stressed. my room back at school is too cold. my life is getting lamer by the second!! my motivation to do things is pretty dormant, this fatigue is super consuming. i feel like i have the body of a 60 something year old; sensitive eyes, sore muscles, and overall lack of enthusiasm.

im kinda tired living in my house now. maybe its the cold or something. theres just something unwelcoming about it :[. kinda sucks i have to use it as a storage room/place of living. not really sure what to do with all the extra crap from my room at home. i just want to move out and into my own place!!! i wish i had roommates 😦 i was thinking about how nice itd be to have pets but having friends to come home to would be cool.

anyway just wanna take a moment to thank my family. i was very bummed the last few weeks of the year because literally they were all i had. i was acting like a bummed out high schooler on her period. classic victim move. but im really thankful for my big family. im thankful for their individual personalities, the unconditional love, and i really do feel like im part of a team. my parents are especially a huge part of who i am. im happy they let me grow up in a free loving environment and their ability to love me no matter how absent minded, bipolar, wreckless i am. they always have my back, im honestly spoiled. im paying them back..this year!

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