TL of my relationships:

  1. switched schools, noticed he took interest in me, innocent talking (phone, letters, recess time), freaked out, felt too young, bounced
  2. was friends with my cousin, told me he liked me, shocked and intrigued by the randomness, got dumped cuz i was too boring lol 
  3. hit me up on myspace, talked to me on iM, very available; immediately friend zoned, told me he liked me, didnt know what to do about it bc i enjoyed the talking too much, lasted 2 months, bounced via phone. then i received my first angry drunk resentful message on myspace lol
  4. saw each other at school, concluded i had a crush on him, pursued me via myspace and in person, first everything, figured out we were completely different people, grew physically attached, finally dumped him b/c i found someone to be mentally attached to
  5. organically developed, best friends first, developed good relationship, intrigued by potential and incredibly different feeling, followed heart, grew up a little, grew up together and apart, one of the most prolific relationships ive ever had. the great white buffalo.  
  6. saw at party, dug into pot head charm, intended for rebound, trapped by pity, developed friendship in process of entrapment, introduced a different lifestyle to me, now im the one being pitied. recycled.

this was fun to write..

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