last night I slept in my sisters bed while she was away at my cousins. I had a hard time falling asleep but by 330 am I felt myself slowly nodding away.

even though I knew I was asleep I felt a presence as if I wasn’t the I only one in the room. That feeling that somebody is staring at you felt like thin spiders crawling on me. I knew better than to let my paranoia get the best of me. Sometimes it would be so quiet I could feel the rhythm of breathing that was off beat to mine. I remember allowing myself to fall back asleep, it was an easy task to ignore. Yet my eyes would suddenly open and quickly shift to the closet and door from time to time. A slow blur back to sleep, and then I was back to staring at the open doors of darkness. I figured I was obviously bothered by the open door so I worked up the energy to get out of bed and shut the door. As I made the notion to push the door, I felt an abrupt push from the other side. It was so forceful I almost fell backwards. Bewildered and anxious I tilted my head to see what was on the other side of the door, but it was literally a life sized ball of darkness. I leaned closer to make out this figure even though I knew it was something I’d rather leave alone. It remained dark.

Then I woke up and it was a dream and I was once again engulfed in darkness okay bye.

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