here’s a nice ranting blog post from your average blogger. i truly feel like i deserve a little bit more than whats on my plate right now. there are a number of people who i fully respect and would go out of my way for…and yet i just feel like im being stiffed. i feel like im being shorthanded on a number of different subjects… im 70% sure this is a superficial problem but i just feel super under appreciated! yes im gonna stomp my feet and stick my fingers in my nose and get mad at everything and everyone because i feel like a forgotten child. left in the dust. i just feel that i have so much to offer, and im a firm believer in karma. yes i know this is the most selfish, egotistical blog but i do feel like ive tried. and yet im translucent. perhaps im being selective when i cry about “nobody cares”. i probably am. but god! am i doing something wrong? i feel like a fucking martyr. im so sick of being nice and forgiving. and i dont know what to do about it. im just so bored of everyone. everyones busy with their own lives. sometimes i want a break from my own life, its interesting to peer into others. but everyones busy doing their own thing. i think it just sort of hit me when i realized my boyfriend (well now ex) knocked me a few notches down his priority list. whats wrong with wanting to feel important. its selfish but its human nature unfortunately. i wish i could just live a simple buddhist life, but unfortunately im aware of what im capable of. and right now, the people in my life, aside from my family and literally one single friend, are lame lame lame.


[edit]: i felt tremendo butter after that post. great to know my blog is like my best friend. and the first world problems continue..

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