I’ve decided to start posting my photo assignments. So random internet dwellers won’t think I’m some sort of self consumed college cunt. Which I sort of am. Nevermind. Anyway, keep in mind that I’m an art student going to a CSU so don’t expect a 10 page research paper with cited sources. Ughhh. Image


My favorite image is between both VAZIO Studio and Sara Remington’s images. I appreciate how both productions decided to use a white background, which causes the colors and texture in the food to stand out, as if bursting with freshness. The ssage of color is strategic, while the colors of the food pop out, the background is simple, clean, and white, giving me the impression of the food being well taken care of, fresh, pristine. The lighting in both productions seems to come from all directions, allowing the viewer to explore all sorts of texture (i.e. the juiciness of the tomato, the sleekness of syrup, the toasted buttery hamburger bun).

While Remington’s perspective is straight on, VAZIO creates some interest using the bird’s eye view. Like the background, the plate is also white, but subtle shadows indicate that the petite tomato slices and salsa verde sit delicately on a clean plate. Because the colors of the food and sauce are so bright, they are strategically placed in the middle of the composition, engulfed in white. Remington’s images are more straightforward, less petite, with a more robust presentation. The size of the photo grabs more attention than the text of the advertisement. Both subjects are “stacks”, the giant hamburger and stacks of pancakes are comparable to monumental skyscrapers.

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