i am having a massive self loathing moment. interwebs is currently making me hate my body and some parts of my face. think it has to do with my break up. i cant wait to look back on this in a few months and be like “LOL thats funny i posted that.” but right now, im sad and feeling like i have nothing to offer. its funny how everyone develops that tunnel vision like “woe is meeeee im so insignificant blah blah blah.” i remember being in middle school and having to go through those puberty programs with their cautionary tale warnings about “ONE DAY YOU’LL HATE YOUR BODY!” i’ve honestly never had a problem with my body. im a petite lady blessed with my mother’s metabolism and skin (but my personality is entirely my dads) so i’ve always been pretty a-okay with everything. yaah i’ve been an A-cup my whole life and for some reason fat refuses to slip past my love handles. but as long as im not morbidly obese or skinny im content. soo whyyyy am i in my twenties feeling sorry for myself like im the only 13 year old with A-cups in the locker room? i really am just sitting here feeling sorry for myself. its a fucking shame but it really is like your brain is your frenemy. i trust my brain because it’s mine and yet it’s literally whispering all these tiny terrible things in my mind.   guess i gotta jesssss

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