Imagei appreciate witty humor. i feel like that’s a major thing i seek out when talking to someone. just a genuine laugh, maybe even make me feel stupid. sarcasm. jokes. oooh yeah touch my mental boner. nothing cheesy unless you can own up to it and still be funny. i hate those guys that try to be all philosophical with their shit when its just a bunch of cliches. somebody who can just make me genuinely laugh. if i can sense the stupidity then i will treat you like a stupid person. i think thats what i miss most about my ex. even now he still makes me laugh out loud. we have a good relationship for two people that have just recently parted. well its actually been almost three months… wow lol reality check just face palmed me. but anyway i still feel like he’s one of my best friends. its funny how people complain “once you’ve been in love you can’t be friends” but it was like we immediately tapped into friend zones. i do get kinda jealous sometimes but its mostly because towards the end of our relationship i felt completely disregarded so it would be a major blow to my ego if he found interest in some other person. like, some other person who could actually revert his attention away from his friends. meh. anyway im just glad im not a crazy ex girlfriend that cries about her ex boyfriend every night. i do miss having sex and doing affectionate things, but i look forward to doing that with somebody new lol. for now im single and that’s completely fine. ive met a few people, it feels like going pants shopping:

“this one fits my waist but not my thighs!”

“this one is the perfect length but you can see my love handles!”

“this one is too short but my butt looks amazing!”

little things i like and little things that i just dont care for. the perfect pair of jeans. why do i feel like im on a dating show? a really lame dating show. and why is it that im so fixated on dating. i think its the brown in me. i need luv. 

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