that a-ha moment. the realization where you feel whole again. has it really been that long? a legit case of “the feels”? damn damn damn. well just a little taste. its like im familiar with this warm feeling and i’ve adapted of its erratic behavior, perhaps even grown fond of it. i just casually let it come and go. its literally some sort of euphoria that sits in my blooImaged stream for a few weeks til it’s gone or i pee it out or something. withdrawals include a tiny taste of bitterness, but overall i end up dealing and accepting. its a very nice thing to have. it makes you wonder about memories. you can only remember how you felt, but you can’t really channel yourself to that moment and make yourself feel again. just a quick thought, a mental summary of what went down. a moment of reflection. but to experience it again? for even just a little. a tiny bit. its literally like hopping in a time machine. i can honestly just say that i feel blessed to have someone who i respect out of love and experience. i do respect my family, but of course there is complete obligation. i owe my existence to my family. but owing a little part of you to somebody who was once a stranger to you… to find a stranger who happens to be some sort of soulmate to you. its pretty cool. and magical. and only cool people get to experience it.





aaaaand im still single.  

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