3 dreams

Imagei have to write this dream down before i forget it!

well the past week i’ve been having some vivid ass dreams. and it’s not like its one dream but ill have about 5 different dreams in one night. it’s always the last dream that leaves the biggest impression. these dreams are very weird but very real to me. a lot of the times i find myself wondering why my day is going so weird but it never crosses my mind that im actually dreaming. does that make sense?

anyway, i still remember my last dream from friday night. i was on vacation with some friends from college. im not sure the location but it honestly looked like the vacation house that i stayed in when i was out in palm springs a few weeks ago. it had a pool in the back an everything. it was a long dream but what stood out to me the most was the last part. it was late at night we were partying in the back, barbecuing, drinking, swimming. the moon was especially full and bright. i notice from the corner of my eye an airplane was flying abnormally low to the ground. i didn’t think anything of it and we were just dancing in the back. the plane flew closer and closer and then i realized that it was headed straight towards us. everyone panicked and i remember rushing to the house for sanctuary i guess? anyway i wasnt fast enough and the plane proceeded to crash our backyard. i expected death and other terrible things but the plane actually just exploded before us. literally in mid air. i remember standing alone in awe, staring at the explosion. it didn’t harm me, as if a force field bubble was surrounding the raging fires. fast forward the dream and this time a helicopter flies into our back yard. same exact forcefield. i remember feeling the same anxiety and fear from the first explosion. and then it happened again. only this time it was a bomb or a cannon ball thing headed straight towards our party. i was genuinely scared for my life for all three explosions. i remember it being so vivid. the fire, the explosion, the sounds even. i expected to die, truly believing that that was the end. anyway it freaked me out when i woke up. i was all sweaty and anxious.

my dream from saturday was weird too. i was, again, on vacation. with family i think. we were staying in a really nice hotel. i wont go into too much details about this dream but i just remember wandering the lobby area. it was apparently like vegas hotels where they are connected to a mall strip. i wandered into the mall strip and felt especially hungry. i happened to be in the food court section. it was weird walking down this strip. very dream like. hazy, full of weird people, and weird food selections that didnt make sense to me. like asian restaurants with weird workers and odd food choices. i remember thinking, “man what a weird day.” didn’t cross my mind that i was dreaming. i somehow ended up eating at this asian restaurant. i remember talking to the cook and he tried convincing me to cook my own meal which didn’t make sense to me. he offered me eggs and told me to try the pork buns. this was just a weird casual dream and i’m impressed that i can even remember this.

lastly, my dream last night was also weird. im already starting to forget it but i’ll try to type as much as i can remember. its probably not going to make any sense but i’ll talk about the things that stood out most to me.

i remember i was on vacation again. the dream was literally a whole vacation. it felt like days were passing. we were staying in some house. i think the people i was with were my friends from dinah shore weekend. my best friend was definitely there. its funny i actually remember my cousins first roommate being there too. anyway its gonna sound weird but i specifically remember laying in a bed with my best friends and some old deformed guy came up to me begging to sleep with me. yeah, super weird. he begged me and i kept saying no, no sorry. it was creepy but everyone around me was super casual about it. he disappeared and more friends came into the room. on the “last day” my best friend came into the room saying she was ready to go. i remember feeling really sad and having to say goodbye. i didnt want her to think i would miss her too much so i remember pretending to not be sad. she said her good byes and left. then she came back and hugged me. then she laid down next to me and we cuddled like we usually do. other people were in the bed but it was casual the way she laid next to me. she didnt say anything but i had this feeling that she was willing to stay a little longer. anyway fast forward the dream and she hands me a traveling bag full of money lol. the dream is about to sound really strange! but she told me that some trolls blessed us with money in our backyard and this was my share. the bag had bricks of money. i remember even taking the bag without saying anything, like i was expecting it lol. cool lets go to the mall. we head to the mall with a bunch of friends and for sooooooome reason we were all riding in this crazy contraption and i got to sit in this hiiiiiigh chair. it was like those fire trucks with the ladders and i got to sit at the top. i was super casual about this lol but eventually it caught up to me that i actually am terrified of heights. my best friend came up there with me and i remember feeling so scared. another girl climbed up the ladder and i remember being paranoid that we had too much weight and might fall. i remember yelling “its gonna tip get down! were too heavy!” everyone was laughing at this and then i suddenly started feeling the seat tip. we fell and it felt like we fell for almost a minute. really long. it was a weird fall like we were spinning and i remember accepting the fact that i was going to die, i hope the crash wouldnt hurt me, i wonder if ill live but ill stay deformed. and then we just landed on the floor. like i landed perfectly on my butt and thought it was fate. my other two friends did the same. i was glad they were okay. someone told me my witches were looking out for me. so weird. fast forward the dream and were back at the house again. i go into the backyard and theres this gigantic tree. someone told me i have to go thank the trolls and witch. i guess i knew where to go so i walked towards the side of the house. it was dark on that side. i walked deeper and deeper into the darkness. and then i woke up.

now im gonna be late for work :(.glad i was able to write those down. it just irked me how i remember my feelings and how vivid everything was. if anyone would like to give me their take on my dreams please do! its interesting to see if there is any meaning behind these weird dreams.

edit: i was half awake typing all of this. and yes i was late to work.

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