Imageevery now and then ill get punched in the heart with intense nostalgic feelings. what’s weird is that i can’t really connect these feelings back to a specific time or person….i just remember feeling it. i’ll try to make sense of it…

i remember being young, i wanna say around 6 or 7.. i remember that innocent feeling. it feels like some sort of inner warmth like my hearts about to explode with excitement and love. i dont necessarily feel this love for another person in particular.. it just feels like im consumed with love and happiness. the feeling of being content with life. unaware of the harsh realities of life, completely ecstatic with the fact that there is a universe to explore and im just taking my first steps into it…

i am completely entertained at the thought of how long i’ve known certain people. making friends is a weird concept. you meet random people in the most casual way, find common interests, and somehow they end up being a huge part of your life.

i think the new chapter in my life has finally commenced! ive been looking at friends in a completely new light. the friends that were once a huge part of my life are transcending into their own lives, as am i. i find myself frantically trying to hold tighter to these friendships. as time goes on i find myself growing with content. the current people in my life are fascinating as fuck. i keep thinking about my past posts about how i never meet anybody that can hold my interest. i feel as though im meeting more and more people as the weeks go on. these past two months have been the fucking best. 2013. wow. just wow. 

would i be cliche if i said that i have serious feelings for my life. sometimes ill be at my desk at work and i get a random wave of happiness and delight. visualizing past weekends, the people i spent it with… im fascinated with this new perspective. i was such a different person last year. so gloomy. so antisocial. consumed with insecurities. i think back and ask “FOR WHAT?” it wasnt wasted time, but im glad i left that person in 2012. i feel very free. i like who i am. i speak my mind unapologetically because i will always love myself regardless. also because great minds think alike. ive connected with so many different people on a personal level. i like this comfort. i hope it lasts. 


…sorry for the emo ending 

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