IMG_5931Hi world. It’s me. I’m alive and doing all the same, just a smidge better. It’s now officially a new year, actually were three months into the new year and so far 2015 has been a true test of my human abilities. I’m still pretending to not be in a huge amount of debt, still stuck at this dead end job despising all the people I work with. A part of me died in Vegas last January and I feel like I haven’t really been the same since. I reached somewhat of an all time low when I had to fork out three bills to pay for a dent I technically didn’t do for this terrible velour suit mom from Grocery Outlet. It was a nice karma deposit. It hurt a lot but I mean my tax return finally kicked in so I can finally breathe a little. My pet turtle died last week. I tried so hard to keep him alive but he finally expired last Friday. Such things make me wonder if I’ll ever be capable of keeping anything I create alive. On top of all of this I have this excessive gym bill to pay every month and I have yet to see any significant changes to my cookie dough esque bod. The silver lining in all of this is that I’m making a conscious effort to get out of this black hole life. I’ve been complaining about it for a year but now is finally the time to make major moves. I’m about to buy my domain and be a big girl and put on my big boy pants. Wondering how much I can get away with. I feel parts of me growing, forcing myself to evolve from all of this. I mostly find comfort in crying and feeling sorry for myself but I eventually find myself moving forward. It’s a slow process. But its somewhere. I hope I’ll get what I feel I deserve from all of this. A year of oppression. You really just can’t stick to doing something you’re lukewarm about. Especially if you’re severely underpaid. I’m SO ready to move on from all of this.

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